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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to Normal.. .Whatever that is!

Molly flew out to Utah this morning leaving me to my own devices for entertainment. She has kept me busy and exhausted for the last 2 weeks but I miss her already. The only thing I can think of to do is take down the Christmas tree. Horrible thought. I have always hated to see the holidays end and that feeling isn't subsiding with age.

Packing with airline regulations in mind, Molly and I searched for a 3 ounce bottle for her new hand lotion. Finding the perfect vessel, I dumped the last of its contents into my palms and slathered it all over my legs. Something was wrong for sure. The creamy lotion was stinging horribly because it was not lotion but hair conditioner. Yikkes!!! On the bright side, the hair on my legs is laying down nicely and I sure do smell good. Got Molly to the airport with no traffic... amazing for Baltimore... and Lillian to school only to return home to hear Bill yell as he pirouetted down the hill behind the house while trying to empty the wood stove ashes. After determining he was OK, we got him back in the house covered with ashes. Ashes were even in his ears. I got him to laugh (actually it was more like groan) by telling him that he needed to stop making an "ash" of himself while I am gone. Glad he didn't fall earlier.

My new yarn and roving are ready at the mill but I've had enough" excitement" and driving for today so that will have to wait. It is nagging at me wondering what the stuff at the mill looks like though. Think I'll just sit by the tree and spin or read my new book... The Intentional Spinner and pretend it's still the holidays for one more day.

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