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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Say NO

Well the Great Lakes Show is in 2 days and the ewe that I have entered in that show still will not walk on a lead! After several days of warming up to walk and getting used to the halter, I spent an hour tonight in the heat trying every trick in the book to get her to walk. No luck. Maybe she will be more cooperative in the morning when it's cooler. Entering this show sounded like a good idea when my friend Lisa suggested to me but now I wonder just what I was thinking when I said yes. It's like the time I said yes to a 2 week camping trip in the wilds of Maine with my friend Peggy many years ago. I had never camped so it sounded like fun til the first night in the tent in the rain. There were just too many things I hadn't thought about when I signed on. Like no bathrooms!!! Peggy and I had a great time all in all so I know I will survive Wooster and my sheep show. I have not camped since Maine and I think sheep showing might end up the with the same finality. Life would be boring if I had said no to ideas like these. Less stressful but boring. That sheep will walk like a champ tomorrow, I just know it. Molly is going along to take pictures of the Wooster show. I'll post a picture for laughs. Ohio here we come!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last BFL Baby I really mean it this time!

Can't remember when I took that darn ram out but he must have bred this ewe as his parting act. I was really surprised when I noticed she was bred. Her new ram lamb is "BLUEtiful" according to Molly. He has the most wonderful blue pigment all over with great upright ears. Mom is a yearling with the skills of an experienced mom. Molly took some pictures of him that she'll post tomorrow.

Just An Ordinary Sunday


I had expected Mexican lamb customers today but not 3 cars full of them. They came in snakeskin cowboy boots with lassoes for one lamb. Too late for Cinco Di Mayo, I decided it must be the Mexican rodeo come to town. I'm sure my neighbors were ready to dial INS.
After they left just I sat down to relax, an old friend showed up at my door with a newborn fawn she found on the highway. It was healthy but very hungry. We mixed lamb milk replacer but it would not suck. 2 ounces of milk in its tummy by stomach tube had it warm in no time. I just feel so badly for the momma losing her baby. I'm sure she is frantic like the mother sheep when they can't find their lambs.