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Friday, January 29, 2010

BFL Babies Begin Arriving

Even though it 14 degrees and windy last night Icy lambed. Appropriate name since Icy is always my lead lambing BFL in late January. The lambs were not affected by the cold at all since mom picked a really cozy spot to have them. She is the prefect mother. The lambs are sired by one of Robina's rams of Blackmoor/Titus lines. Icy is CH V2/Loyalty. Both lambs are long and sturdy. The ram lamb has beautiful color and a fine fleece. Full moon tonight so I expect more action in the barn. That makes our total 5 natural colored high % BFL lambs and 2 white BFL. We've just begun and my hands already ache from the cold!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Robert Burns Celebration

Bobby Burns is the National Poet of Scotland. I thought his birthday was a good reason to celebrate and get through January winds. Friends came wearing argyle, plaid, kilts and Shetland sweaters. We even had a bagpipe player accompanied by tenor drum. That blew a few shingles off this old house. Prior to the music, we should have warned Bill to turn off his new hearing aid. AAHHH He arose quickly from his chair when the pipes started. One dog barked along. I did not serve the traditional haggis but of course home grown lamb was served...shepherd's pie. Cockaleeky soup, and an assortment of Scottish desserts were also served. My scones were awful so I crumbled them up and turned them into a dessert called Edinburgh fog. Strangely enough, I found an unopened bottle of Drambouie that was a gift over 25 years ago. The cork disintegrated when opened but the cork bits were easily strained and it didn't affect taste when added to nice strong coffee. Did we invent "Scottish Coffee"?
There were tales of Scottish travels and Shetland sheep. Lots of fun on a cold January night. Google Robert Burns for some fun poetry in Scottish dialect. It will make you smile.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool...con't

My friend Geri of Digging Dog Farm has graciously volunteered to dress up as Big Bird and lead folks to my booth. That is only if we can get the costume in a flame retardant version... size short.(Now there's an oxymoron.) What a sport!
Seriously, our new location will be in the catalog so if you can't find my booth look us up. Yes, Lisa, other vendors have been moved from what I understand so we will all be scrambling to reestablish ourselves. The MDSW committee really has a job sorting this mess out with all these new fire regulations in effect. They deseve a lot of credit since they are all volunteers.

Wind and rain were scary last night. I drove to the barn so I could use headlights to see if the barn door was still on its hinges. Of course power was out. Still no BFL babies but maybe that's a good thing. I couldn't have found them in the dark anyway.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool

We just learned that due to fire regulations and new tent rules our booth, which has been in the same place for 15 years, has been moved. #%^*!$%&** is all I have to say. How do I tell my customers that I am now in the drylands near the yurt? I've toyed with the idea of placing a kid in a sandwich board with directions to my booth at the old location. Molly says she'll put it on my web site and I'll put it on my blog for what that's worth. Any suggestions????