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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Molly's Starburst Mirror

I decided Molly needed one of these in her house when I found a pile of old molding in the barn. I had fun making it while I was not suppose to be on the broken leg the doctors didn't think was broken!Hope Molly has a wall in her house for it since all we have on the walls here are sheep paintings and prints!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Almost Finished

Almost finished finding Shetland lambs. anna surprized me with twin rams on Tuesday. she was in the barn with the tiny brown one only when I returned from Lancaster. I was certain there had to be another lamb somewhere. Sure enough, when I entered the empty hay shed a little baa called to me from under the water tank. He's the same color as the straw and hay and much bigger than his brother. His tummy was full but I am not sure how he got there so far from mom. Guess I'll never know. The reunion was funny. Mom spent minutes checking him out for damage. So glad I found him!

Heddon Valley F2 Lambs

Our other sire this year was a Heddon Valley F1 ram from Heather Landin. his lambs are beautiful. Although still young they are some of the nicest lambs we've had here in Potosi. I am enjoying watching them mature with style.

Mossvale F2 Lambs

My lambs this year are big and heavy with lots of color. Here are a few sired by my F1 Mossvale Masterplan ram.