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Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Raining Shetlands

As I've said before, my Shetlands keep me entertained. Yesterday I checked the barn to find 2 Shetland moms cleaning off their newborns. It was apparent that one mom was not happy with situation as it stood. When I got behind both moms one still had her lamb stuck in her. Only the feet and nose were out. She had obviously claimed the other ewe's twin. After I pulled her lamb and placing it in front of her,she quickly allowed the lamb she had cleaned so carefully to return to her mom and accepted hers. Every year we have a Shetland mixing of the lambs and it always amazes me how they sort it out. Their mothering instinct is so strong and wonderful to watch. That makes 17 Shetland ram lambs and 10 ewes. Lopsided but better than last year. Now what am I going to do with them? shetlands are not exactly a hot commodity here in York,Co. PA.

Friday, March 26, 2010

This Is For Stacey, My Crafty Niece

About 5 years ago I decided to make quilts for Tim and Molly with each block representing a facet in their lives.For 3 years I collected fabric pieces depicting things they liked, trips we took, sports they enjoyed (no swimming fabric at all...had to resort to bubbles.)Finding the fabric was sooo much fun, but I had never quilted in my life so I signed up for a class in June 2008. You should have seen the instructor's face when I told her what I planned to do and that my intent was to give 2 finished quilts as Christmas gifts. I learned how to make log cabin squares and sewed all summer hidden away in the basement. Top secret project. I loved matching the fabrics. My friend JoAnn, a super quilter for years, helped me plan the layout when the squares were complete. Of course I used woollen batting from our sheep to make this great work of art more significant. The woollen batt also made it more poofy and harder to put together but how was I to know. I never think of consequences when I undertake a project. Full steam ahead is my motto. Tim's quilt top was the first to get attached to the backing, a loud red white and blue fabric with all the states on it since it's a Byrne family thing to visit all 50 states. After hours of work it was a lumpy, puckered disaster. I called JoAnn asking how she put the backs on her quilts so beautifully. Her reply was,"I take them to the Amish and pay to have it done right." she lets her secret out. It was November and these were Christmas gifts. No time for Amish workmanship. Tim's quilt was ripped apart and redone. By the time I got to Molly's I had things fairly well figured out. Her's was better AND they were ready for Christmas. They are not great works of art, but I hope they will remind the kids of some good times and things we have done together. I also hope it will give them a smile or a good laugh remembering a mother who had more ideas than talent. I have turned half-assed into an art form.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Darn That Sophie

Molly was home for spring break and every day she'd go out to check to see if Sophie had lambed. Nope. Well just hours after Molly's flight left this morning, Sophie finally lambed. Molly is my web photographer and since she is gone this picture taken by me will have to do. This ram lamb is very unusual for us. We tend to get just ordinary Shetlands.
Having Molly home was great but it will take me days to recover since she keeps me busy all the time. We are always going someplace. Of course, a trip to see gymnastics in State College was a must. Although the trip is over 2 hours each way, we HAVE to go. Penn State vs Nebraska. We route for Nebraska. They need a couple red shirts in the bleechers.
Molly helped me with the Yarn Party sales yesterday....or should I say lack of sales. It was not a good show for some reason. Guess the economy is finally hitting those with fiber addiction. Hope Maryland Sheep and Wool has a better crowd.