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Monday, August 9, 2010

Murphy' s Law Prevails

Sick of me complaining about 2010 yet???? Well, if so, don't continue reading because Murphy's Law struck again. We finally found an AC unit to work in this old house. It was affordable and looked just perfect to cool the first floor of the house without ripping out ceilings to install ductwork. It had to be ordered so we waited patiently. Today the installation was scheduled. The unit and installation crew arrived but the electrician didn't!! We called him and he's out of town. AAHHH. By this afternoon, we'll have an AC unit that I can admire as the sweat pours down my back. I had to laugh at the guy who installed the unit inside. His quote, "Boy is it hot in here lady." No joke. He should have been here two weeks ago. I'm going to fly the Murphy's Law dish towel that I use as a flag in front of the house. Most people have cute little sunny faced and flowery flags. None of that frivolity here til 2010 is over.