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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sooo Hot

It must be over 100 in this house today and equally as humid. In my next life I'm getting a house with central AC. No more of this old farmhouse stuff. I watched my 5 year old charge,Lillian, today and we turned the hose on each other while we watered the plants. That felt wonderful.

100 bales of alfalfa went in the barn today. With as dry as it is that might be all there is for this year. My pastures are looking spotty and it's not July yet. We have a 13 year old girl from N. Ireland coming for the month of July. I hope she can endure the heat. Most of our Irish guests melt in the PA summers.

I'm signing off to find a cool spot.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home From Oregon

Molly and I spent the last week touring Oregon and attending the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene,OR. Returning to heat and humidity of the East is not fun after enjoying temperatures ranging from 52 to 70 in Oregon. Everyone knows how I abhor hot weather. We both agree that Oregon would be our first choice for relocation.

Our first day was spent along the Columbia River in Astoria. Wonderful seafood and of course several Lewis and Clark spots to hike and enjoy on both sides of the river. The 4 mile Astoria Bridge would have been less fun if the passenger in my car would have opened her eyes and stopped whimpering. She is so like my mother was in that respect. With only one segment of the Lewis and Clark Trail to do....Bismark into western Montana, I think I will be sorry when the Trail is finished. Following it has been such a wonderful experience for me and such torture for Molly. Bet she'll finish it with me though since we need to experience more of North Dakota than just Fargo.

From Astoria we traveled the coast tasting Tillamook cheese and of course more seafood. No whales appeared but there were lots of harbor seals posing for us. We revisited Corvallis on our way to Eugene. For those who have never been there,Eugene is abundant with hippies,old and young,tie dyed wear and other "groovy" things. Molly and I got the shirts we regretted not buying last year...they read "Eugene We're all here because we're not all there." The shirt says it all. Eugene hosted the Black Sheep Gathering and the 3rd National Bluefaced Leicester Show. Shetland Breeders were meeting there also. So many great people to talk with and learn from. You just come home so motivated to make your flock and wool products better. Our Shetland friends from home,Roxanne and Bill Dean met us for lunch on Sunday. They are always fun to be with.

After leaving Eugene on Sunday, we needed some solitude so we drove to Silverton. It's where gardens and landscaping are top priority. Treating ourselves to a room at the Oregon Garden Resort we wandered the gardens and hiked the trails at the Silver River Falls. Molly took dozens of pictures since her solitude is cascading water.

Our last stop was VOODOO Doughnut in Portland. Have you seen it on the food network? Another line like the one in Hoboken at Carlo's Bakery but again full of people to meet and chat with. Inside it was dark and strange like its name. Imagine, people actually get married there. Go figga'. What would the bride wear in such a place? A catered doughnut dinner ..... how interesting. Molly has opted for something more traditional when the time comes. Don't think I could find that place again anyway.

Great sights,great food and wine and ever better friends. What more could one ask for in a vacation? Now back to cooking( if you can call it that) and heat. GGGRRR.