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Friday, August 6, 2010

2010 Continues

Right now I'm not sure how I'm feeling about this year. From excessive snow in the winter to extreme heat since May, the year has been a challenge. My retreat from heat in the past has always been to mow the pasture weeds in the air conditioned tractor with the radio blaring. Well, today the AC there quit on me! Is this a conspiracy to drive me completely round the bend? Thankfully, I have had some remarkable trips this year to make things tolerable. (I think of those cool sweatshirt days in Oregon and long to return.) Bill has really struggled this summer so everything on the farm has become my job if Tim isn't available to help. Since I have turned half-assed into an art form, this place is now held together with baling twine and a prayer. This afternoon, I broke a thermometer. Please don't tell me that means 7 more weeks of hot weather.

Monday, August 2, 2010


The last few days have been wonderful! My neglected flock and gardens have gotten some needed attention since I am no longer the designated hostess and tour guide. Molly and I enjoyed all the places we took Brogan to but it sure was a lot of driving in one month. Wait til I get the bills for the gas I pumped into my car! AAHHH It is cooler now giving me the energy to wash a few fleeces. The old routine feels oh so good. Molly and I plan to go for a bike ride then I'll make Lisa's lamb dish for dinner. MMMMM Perfect day.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Photos from our Adventures in New York

A friend at FAO Schwarz

Ellis Island

Lady Liberty

Mmmmm Nathan's hot dog!