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Monday, August 29, 2011


Last week my husband went to rehab after being unable to walk for 3 weeks. Three days after getting him settled, I had to put our 13 year old farm dog down. Since Tim and Molly have both moved, Thursday night I came home to an empty house for the first time.It felt so strange.
Today, Lillian, my child care companion went to school full time. Miss Kathy's Fine Academy is officially closed. When I retired from teaching I said I would never do child care but along came Lillian making me realize that you never say never. Lillian added an element of excitement to my life. Every day was a new adventure. We went to see Thomas the Tank Engine, frequented every zoo within driving distance, went to the theater and the central market and the "wavy ocean" in NJ. Lillian would ask, "Where we going today?" each morning when she arrived. We made friends together at the library and enjoyed play dates with so many friends. Five fun years flew by with only a handful of bad days included. She is part of the family for sure. Upon graduation, Lillian, I hope I taught you to be spontaneous,sing in the car, feed sheep,laugh,be kind to others,admit mistakes without blaming others and say "I'm sorry", slide down slides,fish,read books and plant flowers (not petunias). Sometimes decorated cakes slide off plates, the dog eats your lunch, and going fishing doesn't always mean there will be a fish dinner. (That's what the fish market is for.) But rocking the dock when the fish don't bite makes up for being fishless. Every day is an adventure waiting to be enjoyed. Be creative and enjoy it.