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Monday, July 15, 2013

Funny How Things Happen

Potosi Sheep Farm has been sold. I had taken it off the market hoping I could hang in there with the small Shetland flock but constant problems with equipment AND an offer I couldn't refuse changed my mind. The last two weeks have been crazy but I have found a new home ( handicapped accessible for Bill) in town and sold many pieces of farm equipment that I had no idea we owned. I didn't realize there was a tractor blue book but it's there giving me prices and confidence that I can sell farm equipment. Fifteen registered Shetland ewes remain here for sale. Some are HST and all are easy lambers and good mothers with wonderful fleeces. Please contact me if you are interested. Prices are very good to good homes. Not having my flock will make a big hole in my heart but I have saved enough yarn roving and fleeces to keep me spinning and knitting my own wool for many years to come. Shepherding for the last 25 years has given me joy, friends,travel and a reason to get out in the cold every morning. I've loved every moment and every sheep and lamb that has lived here.