The Home of Beautiful Bluefaced Leicesters and Shetland Sheep

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We returned to really rainy cold weather. Why wasn't Sheep and Wool weekend cool like this? Not seeing my lambs for just 5 days was really an eye opener....they all look so big now. While I was away, 2 ewes lambed. Both mules. First timers with no problems at all. The BFL lambs all look so dark now. Funny how when they are born I lament their lack of pigment forgetting how the sunshine "tans" them in such a short time.The Shetlands continue to escape to graze on the lawn. They are stopping traffic and will surely cause an accident soon. Lots of lambs for sale...especially Shetlands. Just ask for pictures if you need lawn mowers.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Tim and I left Wednesday, May 5th for Utah. Upon arrival we realized getting Molly's stuff packed and stored was going to be a bigger task than we imagined. Finally on our way, we decided to take the long way home, I70 instead of I80 since there is so much more to see. We started out in Moab,UT. at The Arches National Park. What a beautiful spot with the reddest sand I've ever seen. The wildflowers were blooming and it was cool enough to hike lots of trails. Molly got spectacular pictures. Friday morning we took a back road out of Moab along the Colorado River. It's one of those places that you want to come back and spend more time enjoying. Into Grand Junction,CO where we met up with Jared at work, just to say hello. Unfortunately for me, he works in a garden center and I found a flower pot that I just had to have. Stuffing it into the already stuffed car wasn't easy but where there's a will..... Now the person in the back seat was really lacking for space. Tim experienced his first drive through the Colorado Rockies. This is such a spectacular drive. So much snow still on the ground there! On to Georgetown,CO. It's a quaint old mining town with lots of atmosphere and a really good coffee shop. Of course we had to find the University of Denver and get a gymnastics shirt before heading east to Kansas. Too many jokes about Kansas. I kind of like it. There are so many quirky little places to stop. Torn between them we opted,thanks to Molly, for Abilene. Once home of Wild Bill Hickock and Wyatt Erp, the town museum contained the Museum of Telephony, which made us laugh at first but turned out to be quite interesting,a working carousel and lots of historic buildings and displays. Why there was a guy dressed up as Wild Bill himself. I'm such a tourist and love this kind of stuff. The saloon was looking for Can Can dancers for the summer. We suggested leaving Molly for the job but after much discussion we decided she was more of a Can't Can Dancer, with no previous experience. Would that make her a Can't Can't Dancer???? The costume was definately not her color satin. The coffee was terrible but we had the best scones ouside of the UK. Robert Gates was speaking at the Eisenhower Library at one but we had to "get outta town" for Kansas barbeque in Topeka and John Brown Ale in Lawrence. East to St. Louis, where we had Mother's Day Dinner in the restored Union Station. It was a long drive home from there. No more fun stops after the historic Indian Mounds in Cahokia Il. but we had had so much fun together. It reminded me of the days when my mom would pack the 5 of us in the car and drive cross country, stopping at every historic tourist stop enroute. My brothers and I have such great memories and still laugh about our trips. Hope Molly and Tim will have the same.