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Monday, April 19, 2010

Got My Ticket

After MD Sheep and Wool I'm flying to Utah to drive home with Molly for the summer. I am so excited that she will be home for a few months. Our trip will be our usual sucession of off beat stops like the World's largest ball of stamps, the Pony express museum (seen in less than 15 minutes),the wagon train ruts,and maybe a Lewis and Clark intrepretation center or two. Molly has endured most of these centers with me altho she is not into the Corps of Discovery like I am. Tim gave me a book that lists all the stops the Corps made from St. Lewis to the Pacific. Carried on every trip west, it has become my bible. Well, Molly, the good news is, I can't find it!!!! Never fear tho....I know the stops I've missed on the trail. And of course we HAVE to stop in Lincoln, NE for a prime rib dinner. MMM the best beef in the whole US. (Hopefully someone will read this and be offened and provide another stop where they feel the beef is better. I'm always in search of the best steak.) If we are lucky,Tim will join us for our cross country drive, his first road trip with us. For the first time I am wishing MD Sheep and Wool was over so we could be together on the road. Stop wishing your life away, Kathy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Now that I've started this blog the phone will ring at least 3 times and my husband will return from the store and beep the horn for me to help carry the groceries in. Happens every time. My computer stresses me enough without additional distractions. Besides, I normally have a very one track mind. Last week while tring to order signs from Vista Print for my next show I got a zillion interruptions and screwed up the sign design royally. I was dumbfounded when I opened the box and saw what I had designed. Nothing was correct. And of course, I ordered 2 of the bloody things! Finding a use for them will be a test of my creativity.
Back to April. I think it's my favorite month. And this April been spectacular. Perfect gardening weather. I put in a new garden over by the barn. It has more things in it than planned but I locked my keys in my car at Home Depot last week and spent my time waiting to be rescued shopping for plants. Not a bad place to be stranded....they even had a coffee truck with breakfast sandwiches. The garden is beautiful. I used old unusable fleeces covered with mulch around the new shrubs and flowers. The wool really inhibits weeds and keeps the mulch from washing away. Going to the barn is a happy time anyway but now I can stop and smell the flowers along the way. It will also remind me to have my keys in my hand before slamming the trunk lid.