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Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 Shetlands Left to Lamb and the BFL Are Done!

Last BFL ewe lamb was born on pasture yesterday. Mom brought her in during a downpour. She's tiny but very healthy. Another yearling mom with a great mothering instinct. Final tally.....53 BFL lambs

This morning Potosi Abby had her beautiful yuglet (rings around the eyes) ewe lamb. Abby has been miserable for 2 days. On Thursday, she attacked Roxy and tried to take her newborn lamb.Roxy actually hid herself and her lamb between a gate and a fence to avoid Abby. I knew Abby would lamb soon since she wanted a lamb so badly. Well, Abby's lamb is really special. Wish Abby had a better disposition tho. She is really happy to have her own girl. 30 Shetland lambs and counting. 2 more left to lamb and we will be done.......maybe! Next year I'll remember to take the rams out. Yeah, right. I say that every year.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Endless Lambing Continues

Went out to find 3 Shetland lambs cavorting on the lawn. Tim and I thought we plugged all their escape holes but I guess not. They can find a hole anywhere. In the pen, I found a new Shetland ewe lamb very full and contently nestled with mom. She's a cutie. Mom's a yearling with great mothering skills. My, due any time, BFL ewe was not in the barn. Found her on pasture with lamb's hooves sticking out. She was panicked but not being in the mood for a flying tackle delivery, I got her in the barn doing my Border Collie impersonation. Fluids around the lamb were orange and scary. When I got mom tied and pulled the lamb, which I was sure was dead, I couldn't believe it...the tiny head shook. She's very orange but fine and mom loves her. That's all that matters. Never had a lamb this color before. She's burnt sienna.