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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Drill or Die

Dragging a bale of alfalfa through 20 hungry bred ewes last night brought me to my knees... literally. They almost trampled me to death.So this morning I was determined to change things around and take charge of my life. Installing a gate on the forebay seemed like the perfect solution to my woes. Usually, I resort to baling twine and wooden palates for construction but now that I have installed shades with the cordless drill I am confident that the drill is the professional way to go. One half hour and one lost drill bit later, the gate is installed. It looks good and is relatively secure for this lambing season, I hope. Chick power rules! But who knows what the starving masses will do to it as I drag my bales safely on the other side. How can these sweet faces be so cruel to the hand that feeds them?


Grace said...

It is amazing how they can trample when in a group. I think sheep were the first to invent "Mass hysteria". Good luck with the gate.

Somerhill said...

Drill, baby, Drill!

Jared Lloyd said...

My girls tend to go for the kneecaps. I'd expect that more from Italian sheep, but fine English ladies? Pshaw... LOL!