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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Table Full of Memories

When I saw this in Martha Stewart Living I thought it was a great way to use all those doilies I had in drawers. I never realized how many memories would come to me as I pulled them out. Mom had made some and sent them to me,fussing over how they didn't turn out just right. My friend Peggy's mother had brought many to me in bags with a history of who made them and how old they were. Even the notes Mrs. williams had placed inside the bags were still there for me to reread and smile. And the glass pieces were Bill's mother's. Finally retrieved from the attic to sparkle again.That's what I love about Christmas....the memories that make you smile. My table sure makes me smile as I remember 3 beutiful ladies in my life that I really wish could be here for another Christmas. .