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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

This year is starting out quite well. Over 50 degrees today. The pipes in the barn thawed after a December in the deep freeze. No buckets to carry and no gloves needed!!!! Working with the sheep was such a peaceful time in this busy season. It felt so good to rub some noses and take my time feeding. I had dragged a water tank with a burned out heater over to the house hoping that an "elf" would find it and replace the heating element for me. I even left the new element in the box in the tank. Nobody got the message so today I replaced it myself. Why didn't I do that right from the start? Funny how you just get used to someone else doing that stuff for you and you don't think you are capable of doing yourself. It was so amazingly easy that I don't know why I had let that electrical cord intimidate me.

Molly had helped me feed the starving masses in the barn on those really cold days. Knowing she will return to Utah in 4 days makes me sad. She has kept me busy going places.... looking for organic foods, skinny jeans ( definitely not for me) and a million other "needs". At least we weren't in NYC for the big snow this year. Four more days of running with her and then it will be quiet here and time to get ready for lambs. Can't believe it's that time again.

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