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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Road Trip

Molly returns to Utah for her LAST semester tomorrow. She is a a bit apprehensive to return since summer was so much fun. Of course this also means that we will be driving the car back home for good in December. We've decided to find a new route to make this trip as interesting as possible. Route 80 is the most direct but it deals with Chicago traffic, Iowa floods, and the dreaded stretch of southwestern Wyoming west of Rawlings. I know, you geography buffs are asking.....What about Nebraska? Yup it's there between Iowa and Wyoming. Molly and I both enjoy the Nebraska part of I80. No dread there. Driving home in May we came across I70, which was fantastic. This trip we need some variety with new quirky sights to visit. When I drove to Estes Park 2 years ago by myself, I took the old route 36 from Indianapolis all the way to Denver. It was slower than an interstate but I met some great people along the way and even managed to dodge a tornado. It's the old pony express trail. That could be a fun route, if I remember to pack my ruby slippers. We've decided to just head west tomorrow and let the road dictate the route.

Getting the flock ready to leave for a week has been a 3 day challenge. Getting away from 103 sheep isn't easy! In the last 3 days I have handled every one of them to make sure Tim, my substitute shepherd, doesn't have anybody die on his watch. With everyone wormed and given" a good to go", I just need to write feeding instructions.

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Somerhill said...

Have fun, and be careful!