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Monday, August 16, 2010

No Complaining ....Honest

WE now live in at least the 20th century. AC on the first floor and it is oh so wonderful. My whole outlook has changed knowing I can run in the door and get cool. My flock is probably wondering why I have enough energy to spend more time in the barn. Sam and I mucked one stall in 4 hours...a record. Being able to be cool afterwards gives me so much more incentive to work. I know this sounds trite to those of you with central air but it's a BIG DEAL here with the continuation of this hot humid summer.

I will be driving back to Utah with Molly for her last semester at USU one week from Today. We'll take her car out and I'll fly home after getting her things out of storage and into her apartment. How many times have I moved this kid????? Too many to count but it's what moms do. Molly's 4 years in college have been an education for me too. Without Molly, I'd never know my way around Philadelphia (Temple U) or have driven thousands of miles across the USA (having fun the whole way) multiple times. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. I've visited all 50 states but there are some places worth seeing again. The USA is just an amazing place!

Speaking of travel, Molly and I went to a free concert in Baltimore last Saturday. Jimmy music, what else? I put my Jimmy Wayne CD on in the car on the ride down to practice singing along. After singing a few choruses in the key of off, Molly informed me that I was not to sing at the concert. Except for the standing...6 til 11.... it was great fun. Between the music and the people watching we were totally entertained. We were in the front row, best standing room in the house. I DID sing along and I even caught Molly's lips moving altho she'll never admit it. The inner harbor in Baltimore is such a cool place with great bars and restaurants, an aquarium and Orioles baseball field. When I lived there in 1971 no one could have envisioned that the shabby harbor area would have morphed into what it is today.

Just returned from a quick overnight trip to the NJ beach with my brother,Joe, and his family. Molly needed one trip to the ocean before going back to Utah. It's not summer without the beach and Molly was unable to go with Brogan and I in July. The only thing we missed there was seeing my brother, Tim, and his family. Never enough time to do it all! No wonder my house looks like it does. I have a trick tho. I leave the vacuum out in the middle of the living room and when people drop in I just say,"Oh, I was just in the middle of cleaning, but I don't mind the interruption." I've convinced myself that people believe me.

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