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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tim Shepherds

My flock has been left in Tim's care while I enjoy the west. Something out here makes me feel comfortable but I miss my flock. Tim has decided that the Shetlands are "real sheep" while the Blues are divas. He calls the Shetlands wild but predictable. Ruben my yearling ram has already dotted Tim's legs with bruises from horns that curve to the perfect poking angle as he pushes his way in to eat. Gotta love him. That's his only fault. After feeding, the Shetlands dash out to pasture to get far away from the barn. The BFL lambs eat and then refuse to go out. As Tim chases they scatter in all directions but out. They want to linger and loaf in the cool barn for the morning. Tim finds their scattering behavior infuriating and wonders how I can love such a high strung breed. Easy......they are my beautiful flock while the Shetlands are comical and low maintenance.

Tim has managed to mow pasture weeds and clean the barnyard for me. I will return to a farm looking much better than the one I left. Thank you,Tim!

Molly storage locker is empty! All her possessions are again in a third floor bedroom. How many times have I told her I will not help her move again.....especially if she can't get ground floor. I'm too old for this!

We found a Celtic Fling in a local town to attend tonight. Looking forward to seeing how western Scots party. Hope they have lamb since the mountains around us have plenty of sheep.

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