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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Turn Finally

Well it was finally my turn to use the broadband card for the computer and my computer would not honor my requests to get on line!!! YES...time for tech support again. This time I got an American voice. Does that ever happen? I have enough trouble understanding computer lingo without an Indian accent added to it. Tech Tom is the new love of my life. Who says I'm easy. In a short 4 hours my computer was again working up to its usual low standards but it worked. Now on to a week's worth of unanswered emails.

Finally finished knitting Molly's cape. It's my entry for Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon. The yarn is from our Bluefaced Leicester sheep hand dyed to match and coordinate with her dress. Took at lot of skeins to match the purple but's done. Robina Koenig hornswaggled me into doing a weaving for BSG. I said I was easy. Well the yarn is spun but I am not doing the weaving since I sold my loom. My fellow spinning friend has volunteered to weave for me. Thank you Kris. Before Kris volunteered, I had nightmares of me weaving on the cardboard looms I made for the kids when they were little. Are you seeing a pattern here about never saying no? I am so lucky to have friends that bail me out.

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Somerhill said...

But I like easy friends. LOL