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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great Lakes Show in Wooster Ohio

Molly and I just got home from Ohio. The trip home was 2 hours less than the one there with no thunderstorms and traffic. Seems like our Garmin decided to take us thru downtown Pittsburgh on Friday at 5:30 PM on a holiday weekend. AAAHHHH! You know how I LOVE traffic! We did get to see the bridges and skyline of Pittsburgh. Looks like a pretty cool place.

The show was Maryland Sheep and Wool revisited but the company was wonderful! Good thing Lisa Rodenfels and Anne Bisdorff and I don't live closer because I think we could get into a lot of trouble together. Our booth represented our breed beautifully. Go Bluefaced Leicester!

My ewe walked gracefully on her halter by Saturday show time. Allie and Madeline Fraley took her in the ring for me since they are experienced and I am not. Thank you girls for a job well done.The judge appeared to know little about the breed standards of BFL sheep but did the best he could. The competition ewe had more "spring in her ribs", whatever that means, so we got second place. Guess I'd better get more springy sheep before I show again. Sunday I had to take her into the sale ring myself but she walked like a true runway model and sold to a merino breeder in Ohio. My first experience with show ring sales and I'm still alive!!! Showing sheep is not something I enjoy doing but I did learn alot and actually had a good time. Darn Jared, I forgot to wear my turquoise cowboy boots with the jeans in the boots!!! Molly will post pictures tomorrow when we recover.

Thank you Mike Lilburn for planning the most wonderful dinner party. GREAT food and company. So nice to meet you and the Densmores.

Molly and I will be off to Oregon for the Black Sheep Gathering in 2 weeks. No sheep to show there......I hope.



Somerhill said...

You need springy ribs. And don't forget my my problems in the handspinning fleece competition - I have "stringy wool" syndrome. LOL

Becky Utecht said...

Thanks for letting us know how it went Kathy. Second place sounds pretty good to me. But Lisa's stringy wool syndrome - oh my!
Having fun is the most important part. I'm glad your Garmin figured out an alternate route home.

Michelle said...

Kathy, look me up and remind me that you are "Potosi" at BSG! I'll be there near my blue "Boulderneigh" sign with a few little Shetlands.

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Looking forward to meeting you at BSG, Michelle.