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Friday, December 14, 2012

Shearing time for the Shetlands. It's earlier than usual but the fleeces are clean and beautiful right now and the weather is warm so "let's shear". One little ewe will be a sheep to shawl shearing candidate at PA farm show in January so she was left out of the shearing group. She was not happy about it either. She stomped around outside the pen and demanded that she join the others. Her turn will come. This morning was a bit chilly. I found them burrowed in the straw in their barn, warm and cozy. They actually dig these burrow holes for themselves. Such fun to watch.

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Tari said...

Good to hear that you are elbow deep in fleeces, and very nice ones if I do say so myself. Can't wait to shear mine. I got a nice BFL ram from Anne and Gordon Bisdorf out of the blue BFL ram they got from you. He is very gentle and behaves himself. We used him on our shetlands for mules but will use him next year on our BFL ewe too! Have a very Blessed Christmas.