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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh Sam!

I kept one Shetland ram lamb this year. Son of White Pine Ruben and White Pine Selah so he's fine and soft katmoget just like his momma. Everyday at feeding, I'd part his fleece and wonder how soon I could shear him and spin his sparkling grey wool. Last week, I allowed Sam to go to a friend's house to breed some ewes. Sam had other ideas. Within days of getting to his new flock he tried to walk home. I've never had a rent a ram do this and was shocked when I got the word that "Sam was gone". Nooooo! Fortunately, my friend was relentless and searched for 5 days. She left no stone unturned until she found him in a small flock 4 and 1/2 miles from his starting point. He's home now with a fleece full of burrs and wait a minute vines but he's happy and so are my friend and I since it's hunting season. We only wish Sam could relate his adventures "on the lamb". (Booooo)

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Kelly said...

Holy Smokes, glad he's been located. What a hoot.