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Monday, November 26, 2012


It's been a season of goodbyes. My Bluefaced Leicester flock has been dispersed to several new homes...all great. Saying goodbye was horrific. One purchaser had pity on me and has left her 2 ewes here for me to lamb. It's nice to know I'll have at least a few bay blues. All but eight of the Shetlands have been sold. They were suppose to move a few weeks ago but I keep making excuses to keep them here. They are my view from the kitchen window so I need them make me smile. This year my BFL ram bred many of my Shetlands so the lambs will be surprises.... crossbred or purebred?..... we'll know when they hit the ground. There's still yarn in storage and some BFL and Shetland roving available for sale so if you need Christmas projects email me. Sheepskins for sale too!


Somerhill said...

Will you be keeping the 8 Shetlands, then?

Becky Utecht said...

I'm glad you've still got those 2 BFL ewes. What would spring be without any lambs? Hang in there Kathy, I don't know how you manage it all.