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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


For over 10 years, my heart has been with my Bluefaced Leicester flock. It was a breed that I first saw in the UK with my friend Isabel. The fiber is spectacular and as a breed there could not be a more gentle sheep to raise. From the first very ugly BFL lamb I purchased, the Potosi flock had become the beautiful fiber animals that I had seen at the shows in England. It was a joy to sit on the porch and watch them run with their long locks flowing. Although I did the wool show circuit with yarn and roving my life in the barn gave me the most pleasure. Especially at lambing, when a walk to the barn was like Christmas morning finding a new lamb or two. I loved my travels to shows all over the country to buy rams for my breeding program. Not only did I buy rams but I made some wonderful friends that I hope I will keep for life. Things have changed here at Potosi. My husband is no longer able to do anything outside so those jobs have fallen to me. Along with sheep chores I mow,fix equipment,run the house and take care of Bill. Too much for this old chick. The farm will be for sale soon so my Beautiful Blues had to find a new home. This morning they left for Colorado and a new home on the mesa. The silly Shetlands remain until the farm sells. Good thing too. It will give me fiber to spin and chores to do outside, although not as many. I couldn't imagine not smelling like sheep or being bowled over with a feed bucket in hand. Sheep are a passion and an addiction. Wyatt, my remaining BFL ram realizes that the Shetlands are the only game in town now and has made his way into their pasture. Nice crossbred babies in the spring I hope.


Jared Lloyd said...

Hi Kathy,

They are settled in and doing great!

mno said...

Oh, i'm so sad that you all must go. I will always have the warm memory of driving past your farm on our way home from church. I hope you enjoy your new place as much as your old.