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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lambing 2012 Continues Sloooowly

These F2 Mossvale Masterplan (Scotty)ram lambs are racing around with about 12 others as we wait for the bulk of the BFL ewes to lamb. It's the waiting game and the midnight walks to the barn that make lambing an interesting time of year. This year I'm hopping to the barn on crutches since I managed to fall off the ladder to the hay loft. Luckily it was a soft landing on hay and straw and a sleeping piles of cats so only my knee was damaged. The ewes do not like the sound of my crutches as I clump,clump through the barn. They don't realize it's Mom. Feeding hungry pregnant ewes is dangerous enough without worrying about them knocking my crutches out from under me. Knee should be better by the time lambing ends. Good timing!!??


Jared Lloyd said...

Kathy, I wish I were closer to help you. I feel rotten. Get better soon! Lots of love from Colorado- Jared

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Thanks, Jared.

Somerhill said...

Lovely bone on those fellows. Lambing on crutches - been there, done that. Milking out colostrum is interesting. So is carrying twins across a creek..... please be careful. :^)