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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Counting to Three

When I fist got interested in BFL sheep ewes to purchase were few and expensive. I bought Isabel from Kelly Ward and couldn't wait for Isabel's first lamb in 2005. My heart broke when I found Isabel's first newborn bouncing around the barnyard. She wasn't the beautiful BFL lamb that I wanted but a BFL/Shetland cross.....a mule. Somehow her father had managed to jump the fence and breed Isabel without asking my permission. Molly named the lamb Jamie after her favorite gymnast and Jamie was like a spunky gymnast and although she amused me I was so disappointed. Jamie has made me regret that disappointment every year when she delivers triplets that need no extra human intervention. She's the perfett mother demanding that the lambs stay with her at all times. She can count to three and knows if one lamb is not with her. On the other hand, Lillian my other mother of triplets still has not counted beyond two and all I do is collect the abandoned baby and get him to his mother. Such fun watching different mothering styles.

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