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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ask About MD Sheep and Wool At Your Own Risk

For my 5th birthday I got a baby brother. We not only share this day, and the birthday cake that goes with it but looks, personality and temperment. That would be Type A. Just last week I bragged to that brother that I had really mellowed with age. Well, we all know that "pride comes before a fall" and my fall was MD Sheep and Wool.
My Aries temperment reared its ugly head in the heat and the dust of my new booth location. (When they told me I had been moved they did not say I had been banished from my prime location to the Gobi Desert complete with yurt.... Mongolian felted tent). With few sales and temperatures over 90 "little miss sunshine",your congienial vendor had disappeared. I threatened to strangle the fire marshall who had caused the move and assault the EMT who left his ambulance parked directly in front of my booth with the motor running while he took a break in the AC in the back. The musicians accross the road egged me on by offering to accompany the whole confrontation with appropriate tunes. The vehicle remained there for an hour blowing exhaust into my tent. Now I was not only hot but sick. My lambs in the pen beside the tent, altho shaded, were panting. When the speaker directly overhead loudly announced the time was 3PM I was ready to pack up and go home. Three more hours to endure! My son Tim was there and his only comment was " Mom, this booth is craptacular." He encouaged my evacuation by hooking the truck to my trailer. My friend Geri who BTW was also sharing the heat and exhaust of the booth and Nancy Starkey encouaged me to stay for Sunday. Geri and I rearranged the booth hoping to create more shade on Sunday. Thank you both for being patient with me and enduring my periodic fits of rage. After a wonderful dinner in AC, wine and great company,I felt calmer. Thank you Nancy for a cool place to sleep.
The BFL gathering under the trees was the best part of the day. Such a great group of people. Lisa, I promise to be more cheerful and behave myself at Wooster. Thank you all for sending customers my way. Lord knows I needed them since my sales were down about 70%. Jolene and Paul Vezzetti always make me feel wondeful.
Sunday was hotter, dustier and also lacking in customers but by then I was resigned to endure the day without hostility.
Mrs. Goodpastor and I invented a new olympic event......the ???? meter ram lamb relay. This is how it goes.... a team of 2 women.... one over sixty, overweight, overtired,overstressed and overheated,the other woman overdressed,overheated and over generous to have gotten herself into this in the first place,... must carry a 70 pound ram lamb from my booth to her truck, a distance of North fairgrounds to South fairgrounds, fortunately all down hill, through human traffic. Why not walk him,you ask? Simple,he isn't halter broke. Mrs Goodpastor,definately the stronger member, carried til her arms gave out,passing the ram to me for short relief stretches. Never was I so happy to see an open tailgate! Now I know how the finish line looks to marathon runners.
Well that's my tale of MDSW 2010. I intend to call my brother and recant my mellow with age statement! Some personalities never change.


Somerhill said...

Well, if you are planning to behave yourself at Wooster, then just don't bother coming. What fun would that be??? LOLOL
So sorry about your booth. Sure hope next year will be better.

This fire marshall.....does he know that wool is not flamable?

Becky Utecht said...

I just can't even imagine you being hostile and grumpy. But I sure can understand how one would get that way with the conditions you described. I hope you get a better spot next year. I wish I could have come, there were some great classes there too.

Christine said...

So sorry it went that bad! I wish I could have done more to help.
Hopefully the rest of the year will be better. You have such lovely yarns and rovings.