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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last shetland Lambs and OH MY

Oh My (that's her name) lambed this morning. She wasn't suppose to be bred but was caught by a errant ram lamb.She is a favorite around here. My only wish was that she lamb before Sheep and Wool or my trip to Utah. Thankfully I got my wish because leaving this delivery to someone tending my flock would have been a disaster. The lamb was in perfect position but Oh My was just too small for a head and 2 legs at the same time. Having seen my vet do a delivery like this I pushed the legs back, snared the head...the first time I have ever gotten a snare to hold...pulled the head out and managed to get one leg out too. The lamb was breathing and very much alive. There was no getting the other leg,no room for my hand, so lots of lube was poured in and I just pulled on what I had and prayed. Guess you might say that lamb witnessed his own birth. Oh My was a real trouper through all this. Mom and baby are doing great. The lamb was up in minutes and Oh My loves her baby but I'm down for the count. Shetland lambing is over!!!
What a way to end the season! I'll get a picture of Oh My and her new baby when I can move my hands and stop shaking. I am just so grateful that this ended well.


Becky Utecht said...

Oh My what a story! I'm so glad you were there to help her and all is well. I look forward to seeing the photos when you get a chance, I wish I was going to Maryland too this weekend. I hope you have a blast!

Unknown said...

I was so glad to talk to you at MDSW! And I'm so looking forward to getting a little black shetland wether from you.