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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shetland Mode

My Shetland flock was not by choice. In 2002, a local woman came by and unloaded 5 Shetland ewes and 4 lambs from her horse trailer. For 5 years they just lived on the lawn in electric net fencing being bred by different rams I selected for soft fleece. They were funny little things,especially one ram from NC that terrorized us. It wasn't until several customers at MDSW went crazy over my fleeces did I realize I had something. That ignited my interest in the breed and really connected me to my maternal Scottish ancestry.I love spinning Shetland and am really into knitting traditional patterns. The one I wore at BSG was a combination of Shetland and BFL. That pattern was the hardest thing I have ever knit. This triangle shawl was easy. My spinning isn't Shetland fine but the shawl still floats on your shoulders.Can't wait to knit another pattern after I finish reading Dr. Bowie's book on Shetland animals that Garrett suggested. Hope there's a NASSA trip to Scotland next year. My hardy Shetlands are my comic relief and just so easy. Who would have thought that 9 years ago before Shetlands.

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