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Friday, September 25, 2009

My 3 TTT's

Usually I am quite patient. Teaching first grade taught me that. BUT there are 3 things all starting with T that will send me off in a big way. TIME...can't stand tardiness or waiting for people. TRAFFIC...will drive miles out of my way to escape it. And TECHNOLOGY...electrical cords,chargers,batteries,computers. I refer to myself as the perfect 19th century person. My computer pushed my T button big time this week. HACKED Why me? I only turn it on once a day and do emails. Well, when I turned it on Monday everything was gone. Who would want hundreds of sheep pictures??? I called my "good friends" at Tech support. My folder there is heavy enough to need a fork lift. Every tech there knows me by name. Since we do not have a high speed connection it takes hours to download and upload so while that happens, we chat. So far we have discussed population in India and the impact of swine flu, places to order a kilt, retirement in the Ozarks, my kids, and the best Scotch. Monday night we worked from 11 til 2AM getting things sorted out.My record with support is 6 hours. I must say tho that I have learned so much more about my computer and actually amaze myself when I can do something independently! Thank you guys and girls at tech support. I'm still having issues with my printer but after a few glasses of Scotch who cares. Hope my SCRAPIE records are on a backup disc.

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Ebonwald Cardigans said...

THAT made me laugh......

#1 that you and the tech support are such good friends. I wonder if you trade Christmas cards?

#2 I am not a Scotch fan (to drink..I like my rum) but my heritage is also English and Scottish! The Clan Ramsay is alive and well in Scotland! Let's plan a trip to the UK next fall!