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Friday, June 7, 2013

Through the Keyhole

For 10 years the Bluefaced Leicester flock lived in pastures connected to the barn. Life was easy. Now that the Shetlands inhabit those pastures I have had daily escapes into the cornfield which does not belong to me. They discovered a place deep in the woods where there is no fence. Tim and I piled fence posts there thinking the Shetlands would see a pseudo-fence and turn around. Nope. Where there's a will there's a path. Since this place is unreachable with the tractor, I decided to use lightwieght snow fence as fencing. Through the swamp, under the thick vines, over the stream I carried the snow fencing, hammer and staples. Crawling through a hole in the foliage marked by wool,I felt like Alice as I entered a world full of Bluebirds,Cardinals, Honeysuckle and POISON IVY. Delightful sights, smells and sounds but the thought of poison ivy made me work fast. Snow fence stapled to trees blocking egress to the field.... done. Now for my date with my bar of poison ivy soap. No time to dawdle by the bubbling stream. Question..... will all my scratches and ticks be worth it. Only the Shetlands will tell.

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Michelle said...

Be good, little sheepies, so she will keep you! ;-)