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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glad Some Things Didn't Work Out

When I sold my BFL flock last fall, I also had a buyer for my Shetlands.Thankfully that sale never happened and I had the joy of Shetland lambs this spring. Best thing that ever happened because now I realize that I cannot sell this farm. I'd miss the smell of sheep, wearing the dirty outfits full of holes that are my favorite attire and just being in the barn, the garden or mowing the pastures all day. My Bobcat and I are bonded. How could I sell it? There will come a day when I'll have to sell but for right now even though it's a lot of work at times it's home. Can't imagine me without a flock.


Michelle said...


Becky Utecht said...

Kathy, I know just how you feel! I couldn't imagine life without a warm wooly neck to hug. This is the time of year when I realize how difficult it is to do it all on my own and that must be why the lambs arrive just in time to give us that joy and pleasure -- right when we need it most. But I AM going to cut way back! :-)

Paradise Found Farmgirl said...

So happy to hear this! Hang in there! A farm can be such overwhelming hard work and a blessing all at the same time.

Loomlady said...

Guess that means you'll have to paint the trim on the back side of the house......!!LOL