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Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm An Enabler

I've been told this for years but now my lambs know it too. Since Kathleen had one udder and triplets I decided to offer them a bottle to supplement. The ewe wants nothing to do with me but the rams hear the door open and run to the gate for their bottle. They have me well trained. The white ram always seems full but he drinks anyway. The tiny black ram acts like he's starving and sucks vigorously. Suspicious that Kathleen might be able to feed them without me, I watched over the stone wall yesterday. Sure enough all three lambs line up for the one teat and take turns quite nicely. No pushing or rude behavior. The double dippers were getting quite full on mom, but at the sound of my voice both ran to the gate and acted famished. I think I'll be cutting down on those supplementary bottles. I can just hear them discussing what a sucker I am.

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Paradise Found Farmgirl said...

It does look like fun to feed the little guys though and get to know their personalities.