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Monday, February 11, 2013

Mom She's Not Sharing

After lambs are born, I put the new family in a pen, dip navels, give mom alfalfa and water, check to make sure she has milk and leave for coffee. Usually when I return in a few hours the lambs are nursing, full and content. Not today! When I returned the ram lamb was crying and empty. Poking his nose every place but near the teat, you could see what the problem was. The sister was sucking away. I could just imagine her saying,"THIS is how you do it" with a smug voice. It was time for intervention. After getting his mouth on the teat a few times he finally got the idea. But everytime I left him alone his sister pushed him off and took over. Finally, keeping the greedy little sister at bay, he reattached while stretched out flat and exhausted on his stomach. Milk finally. Soo good. "

1 comment:

Michelle said...

That is SOOO cute! I'm glad you gave the little fella a helping hand.