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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Potosi Molina Goes To PA Farm Show

When the flock was sheared in December,to her dismay Molina was excluded. She had no idea that bigger things were in her future. Not that she enjoyed those bigger things but duty called and the Butler County Peddlers needed her charcoal fleece for their shawl. On Sunday she was picked of vegetation and ready for competition. That made her mad so when I grabbed her yesterday she rolled in the hay and undid all my picking. After a ride in a dog crate to Harrisburg,she sulked in her pen until she realized she could steal hay from the pen of the ram next to her. Sitting nicely for Don while the team looked on, Molina was unsure of this shearing thing. At first she cooperated but as her fleece pealed off she got feisty and began wiggling and fighting. All that wool came from one tiny Shetland lamb. Molina fought as Don pushed her bak to her pen. Feet firmly planted she skidded along the smooth cement floors. Good thing too. The nicely halter broke sheep behind her were getting impatient. Two and 1/2 hours later Molina was wearing her wool again. The spinners said her wool spun like warm butter and the weaver, Susan Lightner won the weaving award. But Molina was not done being Molina. Christine had to carry her back to the car to be put back in her crate for the trip home. Wish I had a picture of that but it was dark. Molina is fine and happy this morning but she is staying out of my reach.


Loomlady said...

Fabulous job Molina (and Kathy!) She made your flock proud with her gorgeous fleece. Loved the before and after.....Molina with fleece and Molina with....fleece in the shawl!

Michelle said...

I love the 'shawl-to-sheep' photo! Both her fleece and the shawl are gorgeous. Did they dye it in that time, too?

'Kolai said...

Thanks so much, Kathy (and Molina, too!)... Mo's fleece was beautiful and was so easy to spin... it was my first "Sheep-to-Shawl" and such a wonderful fleece helped ease my nervousness about being a "rookie"! Cheers and again, sincere thanks!!
_Babeth :)

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Hello Michelle. The warp was dyed prior to the event and on the loom when the competition started. For the competition, the sheep is sheared, the wool is flicked or carded,the spinners begin spinning then hand their singles off to the weaver who weaves 74 inches of shawl in less then 2 hours. It is pretty amazing.