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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bellies Butts and Bags

Another DUH moment. In all my years with Shetlands, I never thought of having them sheared in December until 2012. The fleeces were vegetation free and beautiful being taken off before bouncing lambs climb on mom's coat. Normally we shear the flock after lambs are on the ground in February or March. Another benefit of early shearing is I can see growing bellies and milkbags. I think we will have babies early this year thanks to BFL ram Wyatt and his penchant with the "wee ewes".


Paradise Found Farmgirl said...

Interesting! I also live in York County and am considering keeping sheep. I am in the research phase at this point as to different breeds. Thanks for your informative blog.

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Heather, come visit.

Paradise Found Farmgirl said...

Would love too! I will email you, thanks! I am going to take some spinning classes at the Mannings this spring. So much to learn...