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Sunday, September 9, 2012


It's been a busy summer. Since my husband is unable to work any longer I have too many jobs that I thought I couldn't do. Thursday night I smuggly announced,"All gates are hanging on the pegs and working." An hour later my Shetland ram removed one!!!! My neighbor continues to provide me with tasks. When I went out to see what he was chain sawing I found my sheep muching on a pile of branches...cherry included. For those who don't know, wilted cherry leaves kill sheep. All the gates he had passed through were open behind him leaving the Shetlands clear access to the road. The neighbor watched me frantically drive the flocks into safe pastures away from the road and the poisonous leaves. He offered no help. With new fencing and all gates workable, my sheep are now safely contained. I hope. The neighbor and I no longer share a fence line or gates. Potosi Sheep Farm will not be setting up at Rhinebeck this October. It is my favorite festival and I will miss it and all of the people I meet there but I'm just too busy with the farm and the sheep to dye wool for sale. My flock is much smaller also. Many of my BFL ewes have moved to new homes. Hopefully a few more will leave in October bringing my BFL flock down to single digits. Can't believe it after having a flock in the eighties for so many years. The Shetland flock remains for the time being but they will be fewer soon too. Just can't let go of shepherding completely right now. One step at a time.


Somerhill said...

Sounds like you need to lock the outermost gates. An inconvenience, but sounds like necessary for safety's sake. Grrrr!

Becky Utecht said...

Oh Kathy, it sure gets hard keeping everything up and running, doesn't it? And that neighbor certainly didn't do you any favors. I need to hire a handyman, there are SO many things that need fixing around here (water softener, lawn mower, truck, skylight). And I understand about cutting way back on the sheep. I'd like to just have 5-10 for fiber and snuggling. So that means all the ram lambs need to be sold or wethered so we don't have any lambs next spring.