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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Escape Needed

Although I'm not a beach person, those travel vacations that I'm getting on line are beginning to look pretty good. Last week it was the 750 pound bale on the truck adventure. I had a bright idea of getting one big bale to feed the Shetlands eliminating the awful job of hauling small square bales down 2 hills to get to their pen. Got the bale home only to have the Bobcat refuse to start. The new baby tractor was too big for the small space so in desperation, I tried to jump start the Bobcat. Nope. Called a neighbor who couldn't start the bugger either. Of course by this time it had begun to rain so I parked the pickup with the bale in the carport and called another mechanic neighbor after hauling small bales down the hills to the Shetland barn. One week later with new battery cables on hand and my wonderful neighbor, the Bobcat was going again. Being two places at the same time has never been my strength so unloading the large bale by myself did not go well. Every time I got one piece of equipment I had to run over and move the other. By this time my cell phone was ringing..... Bill was frantic that he was going to be late to the doctor.. so I left everything and took him to the doctor in my greasy, smelly farm wear. No time to change. Returning to the task, it was again raining. BUT there's a happy ending. The bale finally was placed where it needed to be and the truck was unstuck without a scratch or dent. The Shetlands are enjoying their nice green hay and I have nightmares about buying another big bale. It has to go better the second time around. This week's fiasco was the wood boiler. I fired it up and had steam and hot water hissing all over the basement. After frantically throwing switches the thing didn't explode and began to cool. Relief! Another friend came yesterday to fix the problem. Going to bed I felt so good as I added the logs for the night. In the morning, there was a new problem and 3 inches of water in another location. Wet vacuum, boots and pipe wrenches before coffee. Not good. My resume of things I can now do is getting longer by the day. Plumbing is far from being my strong suit but I am blessed with handy friends who take pity on me. Will this madness end?


roxy said...

You have many talents some of which you have not discovered yet. No, this is not a fortune it is a statement about a person that keeps finding out more of the old adage," It is amazing to know what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one cannot do." rephrased by me

roxy said...

The people who were supposed to pick up their 4 sheep have called and said they need to reschedule. Sound like another bale out to me. So we tried extending the animal pens so they won't be so crammed and of course they got out so we get to catch them again. More fun!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog.