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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Never Say Never...Again

This is getting to be an ongoing theme around here as I take over more of Bill's jobs. Last week, when the lightbulb in the refrig blew out I thought no one would notice that there was no food. Darkness and placing veggies on the front of the shelves worked for a while but I was busted when Molly came home. I had been feeding us on local veggies and natural purchases from the Amish market but it really was time for me to bite the bullet and go to the supermarket. Why did Bill like this job?

The large unidentified usurping plant that was growing (and growing) in my Hazelnut tree had to go. All summer I begged for someone to chain saw it since that is another tool I seldom have used. Well, we have this tool called an alligator. It's like a mini chain saw only easier to start. Timber. It worked well on the invading species. Why didn't I do this sooner?

Mice. Never would bait a trap or empty one. Gross. Bill's job. Well with the Fall invasion of the wee beasties it was trap time. The second one popped the trap and landed on the stovetop. I told Bill I was going to turn the burner on and serve mouse on a plank for breakfast. He never has enjoyed my humor but now he can't run away before the punch line. Love a captive audience!

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