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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Plans A, B and C

Since I have become a one woman operation here at Potosi Farm, I am learning that shepherding is a constant mental and physical exercise. Plan A never seems to work. Last week, plan A for getting my sheep cage on the truck failed. So did plan B. Success came with plan C. Smugly,I returned to the house only to get a call that my son needed my truck to haul his mowers to a job. Yup, the cage was unloaded.

Last night Molly and I got the family room ready for the return of Dad,aka Mr. Bill.
Plan A got a sofa stuck in the front door. Plan B resulted in a bigger sofa stuck in the family room door. By this time it appeared that losing it was surely Plan C. When faced with stress and anxiety, psychologists tell you to remove yourself from the situation. Impossible with sofas stuck in the doorways. If I could have gotten to the workroom for a chain saw, sofa B would now be a sectional but luckily it's still in one piece. Molly came up with Plan D. This meant putting back both sofas and removing all my spinning stuff from the other side of the room to make space for the bed on the other wall. We pitched all my unfinished knitting projects still on the needles to the porch and piled multiple skeins and balls of roving on top of them. Five hours after starting the bed was brought down from the third floor and set up. Molly went to get the newly purchased pillows only to find that Tim's terror terrier had peed on them sometime during the chaos.

Elenor Roosevelt once said,"Like tea, a woman never knows how strong she is til she's in hot water". Well I am about to find out how strong I am when Mr. Bill comes home on Thursday. He is still unable to walk and is over 75% dependent on help. Looks like we are facing a lot of plans A,B and C. Til then I will be finding another place for the hugh pile of wool and knitting on the porch. Finishing some of those projects might be a good idea.


Michelle said...

Whatever you do, keep that terror terrier away from your wool!!!

Seriously, what a huge load on your plate. I'm sure you'll make a wonderful cup of tea....

Becky Utecht said...

I love that Eleanor Roosevelt quote,and I love your writing style Kathy. Thanks for sharing. I hope you will find some help with your care-taking responsibilities. Hugs to you.

Kelly said...

I am a huge fan of the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, it is perfect. And it sounds like you certainly have a lot going on there.
I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Like Becky, I loved the style in which you wrote your post, it was light hearted, even though you obviously had some not-so-lighthearted things occurring.
Take care

Donna said...

Thankfully your sense of humor is intact! Enjoy your tea...chin up and smile!

roxy said...

Wisconsin? How are you going to get there with a wheelchair? You couldn't find someplace closer? Regardless, let me know if I can help in some way. By the way, have been in Bethany for 2 days and is has been cloudy and sprinkling the whole time but not heavy rain. We made it to the "sunfest in OC or I should say the "cloudfest" but it has been pleasant.