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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Homes

Members of my flock are gradually finding great new homes. No trips to the stockyard recently. For that I'm grateful.It's hard to let some of my ewes go but fewer sheep will be better for me when I'm hauling hay this winter. There are still many left but I'm hoping they will move to new homes soon.

My children have moved to new homes as well. Molly settled in her new home in June and Tim is in the process of moving now. It amazes me that both have furnished their places with stuff from home. Can I possibly have had 3 houses worth of stuff in one house? Astounding but true. Their homes are ecletic and funky with a mish mash of furnishings but so homey and comfortable. Antiques that were stored in the barn after I left the antique business have been washed and polished or painted finding new homes and new lives. Grandma's 1960's maple diningroom set lives again with updated funky chairs. She would be so happy. There will actually be an empty corner or two once all the moving is done! MMMMM room for more wool and with less sheep more time to spin it.


Michelle said...

Lots of big changes in your life; you sound okay with them. I can only imagine what an empty nest wlll feel like, even though I'm nearly 50; that's what I get for having a child at 40!

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

My kids came later too. They are the BEST part of my life and yes I really miss them.