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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another One of Those Days

The day began by pulling my ewes into the barn for a general check up. They have been in the upper pasture since their lambs were weaned. everyone was gaining weight and looking good. Eye color was ++++ in all. No worming needed. After a visit with all of them, they went back to their upper pasture.
My hay farmer called telling me to ready myself for some really nice bales of grass hay. I cleared the loft and opened the doors. Having hay in my barn this early in the season is exhilarating! I'm ready for winter feeding. Hopefully I won't have to feed these bales in July as I did last year, leaving me to hunt for additional bales last spring when there weren't any. 2011 was the first year I had to buy hay in the spring and it was frustrating.
Things were going great. Now to take the new GM car to the dealer for a recall. Why should a new car need bolts in the linkage? I'm hostile as I enter the service area. I left my cell phone # and left with Molly being told the car would be ready in 45 minutes. Returning an hour later, Molly left and I sat and watched my car on the lift still being serviced. The service manager asked me to move to the customer area to wait. There was awful coffee probably made this morning, car magazines and a copy of the York paper. I chose the paper. Typically York, there was no world news so I read the obituaries and did the crossword puzzle. Still no car so I moved to the kiddie area hoping for something to entertain myself. YES.... a home decorating magazine from 2009. Finally after 2 hours, I went to the desk to ask about my car. The manager told me he had called me.... AT HOME and left a message an hour ago. What about the cell # you asked for? Hello, didn't you see me sitting here? I'm convinced they would have closed the service department and left me sitting there. What ever happened to customer service? My time is valuable too so I asked that they credit me with 1 hour of mechanic's time on my next visit. Wanting to get rid of me, the manager agreed. Why is everyone else's time valuable but mine?????

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