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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lambing is progressing slowly as it usually does. This week we added 3 new lambs to the flock. A big single and black twins that really surprised me! Both ewes lambed during the day, quickly and took right to mothering. I am so grateful for their consideration since nighttime temps here have been bone chilling cold.

We have been promised warmer weather so hopefully the mound of icy snow in front of the barn door will melt and I won't have to carry bags of grain from the truck into the barn through the people door. UGH! The barnyard is so slick that with a few passes of a Zamboni I could open it up us an ice rink.


malamalama said...

Great photos. Are the singles coming from a line of singles or from a multi-birth line to first time mothers? How different the faces - even within the same breed. The white lamb ( ram or ewe?) in this post is particuliarly striking! Daytime births are good- what's teh secret word you whisper in their ear to get this to happen? Congratulations!

Molly said...

Very cute! The white one is a big boy and very pretty. Please keep them little until I get to see them. And make sure the shetlands know to have babies while I'm home!

Somerhill said...

Ah yes, the "Ice Capades" - we have them in our barnyard, too.
PRetty lambs!

Unknown said...

The BFL look so much like little fawns! I think it's those long ears.