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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anne Priest

As I blogged yesterday about going from a city slicker to a shepherd I kept thinking about a dear friend who went from NY actress to shepherd. She sold her NYC loft to purchase her beautiful farm in the country. Several years ago she wrote "Trafficking In Sheep" an autobiography. It detailed yearly trips to Nova Scotia with her flock and her summers on Blue Island. At 83 she still did her chores and lived with her dogs and flock still taking those summer trips to Canada . We always met at the Rhinebeck NY show, often spending the evenings together at her beautiful home on the hill. She was a gracious hostess and such a delight to share hours with over a leg of lamb and Jack Daniels. Good times and conversation never to be forgotten.

Last night I got a call that Anne had died doing her chores. It makes me sad that we have lost a wonderful BFL breeder but I smile to think that her passing amidst her flock was the perfect ending to her life as a shepherd. She will live forever in my memory. She was one of those unforgettable people for good reasons.


Michelle said...

Now that's dying with your (chore)boots on! Sounds like a wonderful woman; you were blessed to know her.

Becky Utecht said...

Beautiful post Kathy, I didn't know Anne personally, but I find her an inspiration. One can only hope to live such a full life.

WoolGrower said...

Sad that she's gone but man do I admire how she went. 83 and still looking after her sheep, what a woman! I remember reading her book before I had my own sheep and hoping to someday be like her. She is quite an inspiration. Might be time to read that book again. Thank you for your beautiful post Kathy!