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Monday, October 4, 2010


OK.... Today I gave up the fight to protect my children's privacy and NOT join Facebook. For years now I have allowed Tim and Molly to be themselves on Facebook without my scrutiny . I thought they were happy with that decision. Today I finally caved in to friends and relatives denying me pictures unless I went to their Facebook site and secretly ( or so I thought ), set myself up on Facebook. It wasn't long before I got calls from both Molly and Tim berating me for not friending them . (Aside, spellcheck doesn't recognize the word friending.) Guess a mother just never does anything right!

With this new Facebook status, I have done something unheard of... posted pictures of myself on line. Usually I don't even agree to allowing a picture to be taken but I must finally be accepting the fact that I am who I am and there's a lot more of me. There's no hiding it anymore. Some people grow old gracefully but I'm going down in denial all the way. At least I can still find my way home.

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Tari said...

Hey Kathy, I'm still not a Facebook anything. I have friends post to my daughters page asking me to comment but I don't have a Facebook for a reason, and one is I'd never get anything done. So I'll comment on blogs. I have the furniture disease. My chest is falling into my draws:(