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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christine's Shawl

My friend Christine, who has been spinning for a whopping 4 years, was the Shetland customer who made me discover and love my Shetland fleeces. My original Shetland flock was dropped off on my lawn in 2001 by a disgruntled breeder. (Another breed I just happened into.) I enjoyed them but didn't get into the breed til Christine starting buying my fleeces at Maryland 4 years ago. She made this shawl and won a blue ribbon at the Maryland state Fair. It's made from one of my fleeces and is an original design. The best part is SHE GAVE IT TO ME!!!!! It is a treasure for which I am so grateful.


Ebonwald Cardigans said...

gorgeous shawl! i'm so jealous! that looks amazing!

Michelle said...

What amazing gifts -- both the shawl and the appreciation for Shetlands!

Tari said...

This must be the summer of the shawls. I got one of my shawls out last night. A storm moved in and it got chilly. Shetland is my choice of shawl wool. Beautiful handknit work.