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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Antique Bikes and Old Biker

Before it got too hot, we decided to ride the bike/hike trail with Brogan. That meant digging thru the pile of antiques in the barn for "wheels". One found bike was fairly contemporary while the other were two relics of the fenders and a basket on one. Molly got that one. Mine was an ancient English road bike. Just my style..upright handles and brakes on the pedals. The tires inflated without blowout so after a little oil we were off. I keep forgetting that young people worry about how they look. That doesn't bother me at all, never has, so my enthusiasm for the newly reborn bikes was greeted with the famous eye roll from Molly and Brogan. They did refuse to wear the cobwebby helmets offered tho. The trail was gorgeous. A bit sunny so we made sure Brogan was covered in sunscreen. Those Irish freckles were just waiting to light up. Along the way another rider, about my age, smiled and said, "nice bike". Was he laughing or did he really admire my "style". I know...that's a biker pick-up line right? I'm just so gosh darn cute. Our ride felt like 100 miles to me but Molly burst my bubble and informed me it more like 6. Killjoy. I was beginning to think I could do that ride across N. Dakota with a little practice. The old bikes and the old biker made it home. Molly and Brogan are now making cupcakes to restore the calories I just burned. They are getting even for making them look like the "red neck bike club".

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Tari said...

Guess what I drug out of the barn this summer. My old Schwinn. I found a bike shop in Marietta that could order new tires for a 26x1 3/4 size tube and I was set. I've been riding every night with my son Graham and the border collies. I feel your pain.