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Friday, April 9, 2010

April at Last

After almost a week of July like temperatures, April has returned. This is more like it. I like sixties and breezy. Fearing my hair was about to be singed on the lightbulbs in the barn, it was time to muck the big stall. 6 hours on the bobcat got me a clean barn and a huge pile of manure. I can't believe how much dry bedding this awful winter from hell required. It's so clean in the big stall that the sheep won't go in. The small stall is a hand muck job since the bobcat won't fit....darn. I thought I could squeeze that thing anywhere but NOT. Guess that one will be done over the course of time. Arms don't fail me now. Why am I not thinner? Better get the Ford tractor out and get that pile of manure moved. It's starting to smoke.

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