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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunny Shearing Day Finally 50 Degrees

Beautiful day for shearing the Shetlands. I let another shepherd take my original shearing date and this date was a little too close to lambing to suit me but my shearer, Nathan, is very gentle so I forged ahead. We saw some pretty full bags and breathed a sigh of relief when each ewe was done. With 2 more to go (21 sheared total) it happened. Half way through the shearing a water bag popped out. AAHH!!! Nate finished the job and the ewe wandered off. We watched her while we sheared the last 2 ewes but she was not pushing at all. Eventually, I had to pull the lambs but they were lively and strong. Up and nursing in minutes. Little shetlands are so cute and amazing. The Shetland lambing has begun!
Thank you Garrett for the suggestions about getting better results this year. Last year we had 20 Shetland ram lambs and 4 ewes. Another Shetland ewe lambed this AM and she also had a ram and a ewe. We are 50/50 so far. That's a lot better than last year.

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Ebonwald Cardigans said...

I'm glad I could help! i hope they work :)

how many shetlands did you breed?